The Ultimate Beginner DVD for ‘ukulele!



In this DVD, Aldrine will teach you how to:
– Tune your ‘ukulele
– Pluck your first notes
– Properly hold chords
– Strum the ‘ukulele
– Read ‘ukulele tas
– Read chord sheets
– Find your favorite songs online



Just got your first ‘Ukulele and want to start playing now? Ukulele Underground is here to help you get started! World renowned ukulele instructor, Aldrine Guerrero, takes you step-by-step through your journey into the world of ‘ukulele so you can enjoy your awesome new instrument right now.

In a BONUS one-on-one Frequently Asked Questions segment, Aldrine will also answer many common questions from beginning ‘ukulele players, including:
– What to look for when buying an ‘ukulele?
– When should I change my strings?
– What are some bad habits I should avoid?
– How do I practice?
– And many more!

With Ukulele Underground, ANYONE can learn to play a musical instrument. Experience the fun and excitement of creating music with your ‘ukulele today!


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