Solo Secrets Revealed

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Learn how to create melodies instantly on your ukulele!  In this 10-week course, Aldrine demystifies the process of creating your own solos on the fly.  With over 3.5 hours of instruction over 30 easy-to-digest lessons, plus 12 BONUS MP3 practice tracks for you to practice and master the techniques, methods, and frameworks for soloing confidently.

Includes instant video and MP3 download links, and Practice Calendar.





Solo Secrets Revealed with Aldrine Guerrero
Learn to improvise melodies on your ukulele

> 30 Course Lessons (over 3 hours)
> 10 BONUS Practice MP3 Tracks
> PDF with download links and Practice Calendar

Have you ever been in a group jam setting when someone called out, “Hey, take a solo!”?   If you completely froze and didn’t know what to do, or simply let someone else take the solo instead – this course was made just for you!

Do you wonder: 

  • How do people just create riffs or melodies on command?
  • How do I know what notes to play and what notes not to play?
  • Isn’t it hard to memorize all of the notes and scales on the fretboard?
  • Is there a trick to all this that no one has told me?

In this course, you’ll learn where to begin, what to learn next, and how to develop the skills to create your own melodies on the fly.  You’ll be able to apply the methods and breakthroughs from this course to many different areas of your ukulele journey, including: soloing in a jam setting, figuring out riffs from popular songs, transposing music to a different key, and writing & arranging your own songs.

Download Solo Secrets Revealed today and learn the secrets of soloing on your ukulele!




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