How to Unlock Chord Melodies With Matt Dahlberg


Learn to create Ukulele Chord Melodies! In this information-packed course, Matt Dahlberg walks you through the process of creating your own Chord Melody arrangements for ukulele. With 60 minutes of video instruction over 7 course lessons plus BONUS Play-Along videos and slow downs, you’ll learn how to start with sheet music for any of your favorite songs and turn them into rich, unique solo ukulele arrangements that YOU created.

For a Limited Time:
When you purchase this product, you’ll also receive replay access to Matt’s Virtual Concert + Ukulele Duos. Matt plays some original songs and arrangements, then Aldrine jumps in to jam out.

You’ll get access to Matt’s Live Zoom Workshop on December 16th at 4pm Pacific (1 hour 30 min). In the workshop, Matt will be taking you through his arranging process while working through some holiday hits!



How to Unlock Ukulele Chord Melodies with Matt Dahlberg

> 7 Course Lessons (over 60 minutes)
> 4 BONUS Play-Along videos with slow-downs
> Downloadable/Printable Workbook (18 pages)

You’ll learn to map out the melody of a song using Matt’s Chord Melody “Rosetta Stone / Decoder Ring,” then work your way into adding chords, strum fills, and even fingerpicking. If you’ve always wondered how ukulele players come up with their own arrangements, this course is the key to unlocking Chord Melodies for yourself.

+ Limited Time
> Access to Matt’s Virtual Concert and Ukulele Duos Session
> Free ticket to Matt’s Live Zoom Workshop on Arranging Holiday Tunes on the Ukulele

About Matt:
Matt Dahlberg is a Washington-based ukulele player who has been teaching the ukulele online for over 10 years. Over that time, he has created hundreds of lesson plans and ukulele arrangements of songs and helped thousands of students to learn and find joy in this tiny four-stringed instrument. Matt has been featured in the New York Times, Musician’s Friend, HiSessions, and Fox Sports. For more info check out his website


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