Essential Chords Course 1


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55 minutes of lessons dedicated to the essential chords for playing the ʻukulele.



If you’re brand new to the ukulele and you’re struggling to play along to even one song you may not know what’s tripping you up. I’ll make it easy and just tell you, it’s probably chord switching. It’s one of the biggest barriers to learning any instrument and what causes most people to quit before they can experience all the fun things music can offer. Playing music with others, performing in front of friends and family, writing your own music, all these fun experiences require you to get through this first road block: memorizing chords and the transitions to one another.

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“Omg! Why didn’t I find this until now? Practicing the chord progressions with the audio tracks has helped me improve so much. It’s incredible. I already knew these chords and have been moving on to more intermediate playing, but really stuck and now I realize that taking a few steps back to basics is exactly what I need. I am loving this! Thanks so much for making these. They are awesome.”


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