Essential Chords Course 2


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40 minutes of video lessons and .mp3 practice tracks to help you learn all the essential chords for playing the ʻukulele.



In Essential Chords 1, you learned the 14 simple chords that unlock 80% of the chords you’ll encounter in beginner songs.  In Essential Chords Course 2, you will build upon the essentials by:

  • Mastering the 7 most common keys
  • Learning 14 additional common chords
  • Using that knowledge to expand to ALL keys

Read about what one UU+ Student has to say about the Essential Chords courses:

“Omg! Why didn’t I find this until now? Practicing the chord progressions with the audio tracks has helped me improve so much. It’s incredible. I already knew these chords and have been moving on to more intermediate playing, but got really stuck and now I realize that taking a few steps back to basics is exactly what I need. I am loving this! Thanks so much for making these. They are awesome.”

In this download, you will receive a pdf with links to download the 7 instructional videos and practice .mp3 tracks.


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