2021 Christmas Song Course Download



This series of videos include 6 separate videos totaling about 1 hour of in depth explanation and visual representation along with a Christmas song book that anyone can play along to.



A brand new never before seen Christmas Carol course.  This lesson includes a digital download that you can have available for a one-time purchase.  The downloads include the following.

  • Jingle Bells Solo Lesson
  • Jingle Bells Play-Along at 100% Speed
  • Jingle Bells Play-Along at 75% Speed
  • Jingle Bells Play-Along at 50% Speed
  • Silent Night Lesson
  • 7 Song Christmas Jam with Aldrine with the songs you just learned and a few extra.
  • Full Christmas Songbook

Your download will include a PDF file which offers you the song book with links to either stream or download the HD video files.


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